Luis Filcer

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With over 300 individual exhibitions and as many more in collective ones, Luis Filcer is considered one of the most renown expressionist artists alive and among the best artists in Mexico. His career spans over 7 decades of uninterrupted work, mainly in painting but also in sculpture. Filcer continues to captivate the human heart with the geuniness of his work.

In his own words: “I am a painter of life and feel a passion for living. In order to paint I must feel and project onto the canvas the intensity of that which I am experiencing inside. I do not recreate life as is, but as I perceive it from within. Thus an image can be interpreted based on that intensity. A face, for instance, can be red, green or blue. A tree can grow bigger in size and a landscape become different from what the eyes perceive. But if it is honest, it will be intrinsically beautiful. Life can be ecstatic at times and vastly tragic at others; but in its entirety, living never ceases to amaze me. I wonder at life and thus pay homage to it, in every single way posible and with every single work of art I’ve created or will ever create.”


1965 Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico City

1966 World House Galleries New York

1968 Aemstelle Museum Netherlands

Panamerican Union Washington, D.C.

1970 Museum of Beyerd Netherlands

1971 Buckingham Gallery London, England

Museum Het Rijper Netherlands

Mural Paintings in the Groene Zwann Church Netherlands

1977 Gallery Lee Aula & Co. New York

1979 Van Bommel Van Dam Museum Netherlands

1980 Phillips Cultural Center Netherlands

1981 Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico City

1982 Gallery Misrachi Mexico City

1983 Frans Hals Museum Netherlands

1984 Frans Hals Museum Netherlands

1985 Mexico City Museum Mexico City

1986 Gallery Marnix Neerman Bruges, Belgium

1988 Cabañas Cultural Institute Guadalajara City, Jalisco

20 Expressionists Exhibition Grand Palais Paris, France

1990 Museum of Modern Art:

25th Museum Anniversary Mexico City

1991 Museum of Modern Art Mexico City

Mexiquense Cultural Center Toluca, Mexico

Instituto Politécnico Nacional Mexico City

1992 Singer Museum Netherlands

1995 Museum of Modern Art Querétaro, Qro.


1996 Van Der Togt Museum Netherlands

The second Filcer book is published

Courthouse Exhibition Maastricht, Netherlands

University Contemporary Art Museum Mexico City

1997 Palace of Justice, Breda,Netherlands

1998 Palace of Justice, Rotterdam, Netherlands

National Stamp Museum Mexico City

1999 Museum of Modern Art Toluca, Mexico

Centro Cultural Mexiquense Toluca, Mexico

Isidro Fabela Museum Mexico City

Francisco Goitia Museum Zacatecas, Mex

Casa Redonda Museum Chihuahua, Mex

2002 Museum of Art and History Ciudad Juarez, Chih

Mexican Cultural Institute San Antonio, Texas

Cultural Institute of Mexico Washington, D.C.

Mc Allen International Art Museum Texas

Museum of Contemporary Art Macay Merida, Yucatan

2003 University Museum Leopoldo Flores Toluca, Mexico

Collective at the Museum of Mexico City

From December to March 2004 Mexico City

2004 Kunstcentrum Haarlem, Netherlands

Casa del Lago Mexico City

Museo del Chamizal Ciudad Juárez, Chih.

2005 Casa Redonda Museum Chihuahua, Chih.

Iconographic Museum of Don Quixote

IV Centenary of Quijote Guanajuato, Gto.

Museum of the Archbishop Mexico City

Mexican Cultural Institute San Antonio, Texas

Museum House of the Arts Cd. Obregón, Son.


2006 Quinta Gameros Chihuahua Museum, Chih.

2007 Ángel Zárraga Durango Museum, Durango, Dgo.

Ciudad Juarez History Museum Ciudad Juarez, Chih.

National Palace Mexico City

2009 Museum of Death Aguascalientes, Ags.

2010 Museum of Contemporary Art

Centenary of the Querétaro Revolution, Queretaro, Qro.

2011 Gómez Morin Cultural Center Querétaro, Qro.

2012 Homage Exhibition Querétaro, Qro.

2014 Palace of Fine Arts Mexico

2017 Patricia Mendoza Gallery Los Cabos, Baja California