Oscar de las Flores

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Biography  Resume


I have been working and experimenting with multiple techniques for more than fifteen consecutive years, including encaustic, tempera, sculpture, and various types of painting techniques, I received further painting instructions from Demian Flores during 2006.

I have worked with ceramics and various types of sculpture for four years. I have also been exposed to commercial design, layering etc., as well as some digital media. My specialization has been in Printmaking and I have so far tried all of the mediums, concentrating in etching and lithography. I have been drawing daily for some twenty-four years, and have attended life-drawing classes for the past eleven years at a weekly basis.  I have a solid base in art history and of various painting and printing techniques and feel confident to teach it at any level. I have thought private art classes, children workshops and have given lectures at various high schools and universities on Lithography as well as in Open Studio. I have also been enrolled in various art courses to improve my knowledge of various applied techniques.  I have worked as a freelance illustrator, silkscreen printer and cartoonist. I am also the founder of  “La Trinchera” art collective, a Latino Canadian Cultural Association which is a non profit working cultural group based in Toronto that attempts to give Latino and Latino Canadian art a permanent space in Canada by uniting the various art disciplines and producing continuous art events and exhibits. So far, we have some thirty-five member artists; this group has now changed its name into LCCA or Latino Canadian Cultural Association and has so far created various multidisciplinary festivals in the city of Toronto. I have also been a juror at Open Studio for the Visiting Artist Selection Committee as well as the Toronto Arts Council Emerging artist Grant Committee. I have worked as a supervisor for the International Printmaking Biennale organized by StudiosLivan in Toronto. Collectors of my work include: Former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Cuban President, Fidel Castro Ruz, Cuban popular singer, Silvio Rodriguez, Muralist Alfredo Zalce, the Mugrabi collection in New York, The IAGO Museum of Oaxaca Museum of Modern Art, The Madjanek provincial Museum in Lublin, Poland and Professor Rafael Zepeda in Mexico, Canadian artist Ed Pien, as well as the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture The Blue Mountain Center in New York State, The University of Art and Design in Taipei, The Tama University in Kyoto, The Museum of Modern Art in San Jose de Costa Rica, The MUSA Museo Sonorense de Arte, the Museum Boijman van Beunigen in Rotterdam,  The Cultural House in Santa Ana, Colombia, and Guelph University.


O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s

D a t o s / Dates

Nac i ó e n / Born in  Santa Ana, El Salvador, 1974, vive y trabaja en / lives and works in

Oaxaca, México.

E d u c a c i ó n / Education


Escuela de Pintura y Escultura Skowhegan / Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture , taller de fresco

con / fresco workshop with  Renato Giangualano y Daniel Boszhkov.

1993 – 1997

Educación de Arte en / Completed Art Education at the Ontario College of Art and Design , con maestria en

gráfica / Major in Printmaking, graduating with honors . Desde entonces varios cursos de especialiciación /

Has since taken further specialization courses .

1989 – 1993

Estudio arte en / Studied at C. W. Jeffery’s Collegiate Institute  bajo el programa especial / under their special

art program .

1983 – 1986

Cursos y talleres de arte en / Took multiple art courses at the  Escuela de Arte de la Universidad de

Guadalajara. También atendio cursos de arte por correspondencia con / correspondence art course with a

Barcelona Art School in El Salvador as a youngster .

E x h i b i c i o n e s   i n d i v i d u a l e s   s e l e c c i o n a d a s / Selected Solo Exhibición


Neither The Place nor The Time , Mulherin Pollard Gallery, New York, USA.


Los Tocados De Las Diosas , La Casa Grande, Colonia Condesa, Ciudad de México. Esta exhibición va a

viajar a Londres y los Estados Unidos / This exhibition will be traveling to London and the United States.

Inaugural Exhibition , Alejandro Santiago Gallery, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

The Natural World , Modern and Contemporary Drawings, Sigrid Freundorfer Fine Art, New York, USA.


Exhibición del Taller Francisco Limón en el Hotel W, Polanco, Ciudad de México, Mexico.

ArtForum magazine review of work at the Mulherin Pollard Show by Donald Kuspit, New York, USA.

Chaordica , Oscar de las Flores solo exhibition, Mulherin Pollard Gallery, New York, USA.

ArtPad San Francisco, Phoenix Hotel, represented by Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA.


Estampas, taller Francisco Limon, Bramses and Georges, Galeria Universitaria Toluca, Mexico.

Expoventa de Pinturas y Obras de Arte , Salon Capilla del Hotel Camino Real, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Publication of Carlos Parada Ayala book of poetry , La Luz de La Tormenta, cover illustration Washington,


Trail of Hope and Tears , Individual show at the Paul Mahder Galler, San Francisco, USA.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s

Early Delights , De Las Flores, Keever and Langer, Mulherin-Pollard Gallery, New York, USA.

The Armory Show , Piers 92 and 94 Portfolio, represented by The Katharine Mulherin Gallery, USA.


Print Exhibition from Oaxaca to Paris , Casa de las Diligencias, Toluca, Mexico.

Subcutaneous Episodes , solo exhibit at the Mulherin Pollard Gallery, New York, USA.


Oscar De Las Flores solo exhibit , Volta Art Fair, New York.


Lautreamont's Bastard , Oscar de las Flores solo exhibition Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects,



Solo Exhibition , Salle Augustin Chenier, Ville Marie, Quebec.

Solo Exhibtion , Justina Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto.

Provisional History of the 21st Century , Chapter Two, Morgan Lehman Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA.

Provisional History of the Western World , Solo Exhibition at Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects,



Oscar Camilo De Las Flores , Solo Show at the Katherine Mulherin Projects Gallery, Toronto.


Espejos Disidentes/ Dissident Mirrors , Solo Show at Open Studio, Toronto.


Solo Exhibition on the 10th Anniversary of the Oscar Romero Cultural Center , Toronto.

E x h i b i c i o n e s   e n   g r u p o   s e l e c c i o n a d a s / Selected Group Exhibitions


Salón ACME 2015, Colonia San Miguel Chapultepec, Ciudad de México, México.


Multiplied 2014 Contemporary Art Fair , Christie’s, London, UK.

Erotica 13 , Group show at the Facultad de Derecho Art Gallery, UABJO, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Exposición Collective Posgrafica , Gabinete Grafico, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México.


Summer Group Show , Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco.

Trono de los de a Pie , itinerant group exhibition, La Calera Gallery, Oaxaca.

Erotica 2 , Group Show organized by Siegrid Weiss, Atzomalli Gallery, Oaxaca.


Gallery Artists group exhibition , Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, USA.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s

Participa en Mascaras de Aliento , invitado por la fundacion Rivas Mercado, Museo Cuevas, Ciudad de


Why Drawing , Group Drawing Exhibition at the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse, USA.

Group Exhibition at Acadia Art Gallery, Toronto.

Desnudos , Exhibición colectiva de dibujo, Galeria Estudio 910, Oaxaca.

Bienal de Dibujo Ynglada-Guillot , Espai VolArt, Fundacion Privada Vila Casas, Barcelona, Spain.

Taller de Grafica Francisco Limon , exposicion colectiva, Centro Cultural Santo Domingo, Oaxaca de Juárez,


Hourglass Continent, Oscar de las Flores, Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo and Z’otzs collective , McClaren Art

Center, Barrie, Ontario.

Contemporary Surrealist Drawings , international group exhibition organized by the Boijmans van Beuningen

Museum in Rotterdam, presented in the Institute Neerlandais in Paris, later travelled to Istambul, Turkey.


Taller La Huella Grafica , collective print exhibit, Museo La Calera, Oaxaca.

Subasta Arte KNOX BAM , Guatemala City, Guatemala.

En el nombre del Padre , collective exhibition commemorating Dr. Sigmund Freud and Jacque Lacan, IAGO

Museum, Oaxaca.

Annual Summer Invitational Group Exhibition , Jonathan Lavine Gallery, New York.

Bodies and Politics , Group exhibit at the Katherine Mulherin Gallery, Toronto.


Migrantes Frontera Sur , Encuentro Latino Art Gallery, Los Angeles.

Toronto International Art Fair , represented by Katharine Mulherin.

Frontera Sur , group exhibition on Central American migration, IAGO, Oaxaca.

Volta Basel Art Fair, Switzerland.


La legalidad de la gráfica , Casa Museo Benito Juarez, Oaxaca, group exhibit.

International Biennial Sylvia Pawa , Mexico Israel Institute, Mexico City, First Prize award.

Corpus Aeternum , Group show at the Centro Fotográfico Manuel Alvarez Bravo, curated by Doktor Lakra,

Oaxaca, Mexico.

XXXVII Premio Internacional de Grabado , Carmen Arozena, Santa Cruz de la Palma Spain.

Volta Art Fair , Basel, Switzerland, represented by Katharine Mulherin.

Next International Art Fair , Chicago, represented by Katharine Mulherin, featured artist.

Obra Gráfica , Galería 910, Oaxaca.

Volta New York , Represented by Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto.

Del Norte y de más al norte , Galería Vagabundo, Oaxaca.


Aqua Art Miami Art Fair , represented by Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.

Exhibición jurada de grafica actual , Galería Quetzalli, Oaxaca.

Arte Papel , Exhibición de papalotes en San Agustin Etla. Oaxaca.

Fundraising Art show for the Barak Obama Campaign , artists Include Kiki Smith, Francesco Clemente,

Chuck Close, Cara Walker amongst others.

Perspectives/ Perspectivas: Latin American Art 1930 -2008 , Noel Baza Fine Art, San Diego.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e l a s   F l o r e s

5th annual National and International Juried Exhibition of Visual Arts , Etobicoke Civic Centre.

Papier 08 Contemporary Art Fair , represented by Galerie St. Ambroise, Montreal.

Scope New York , represented by Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art ProjectsN.Y.

Ojos del Huracán , Osvaldo Ramírez, Oscar de las Flores, Peter Barron and John Graham, Galerie de la

Maison de la Culture de Cote des Neiges, Montreal.


International Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition , Korean and Latin American artists, Consulate General of the

Republic of Korea, Toronto City Hall.

Group Show,  Musee de la Miniature de Montlimar, France.

Affair at the Jupiter Hotel , Portland Oregon, represented by Katherine Mulherin.

Oaxacan artists’ exhibition and fundraising for the Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños . Museo de los

pintores Oaxaqueños, Oaxaca.

Scope Hamptons Contemporary Art Fair . The Hamptons, New York. Represented by Katherine Mulherin

Contemporary Art.

Group Exhibition by the National Art Academy of San Carlos Faculty and Students . San Carlos Art Gallery,

Mexico City.

Bienal LatinoAmericana Fundarte , Etobicoke Civic Centre, Toronto.

4th Bienal internacional de gravura do Douro , (Invitational), Portugal.

La Joven Estampa , Casa de las Americas, Havana, Cuba, (Honorable Mention).

The Drawing Show , International Collective Exhibit. Blue House Gallery, Calgary.

Scope Basel , represented by Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Basel, Switzerland.

Works in confinement by Van Cleve Fine Arts , San Diego, USA.

JUANNIO 2007 , yearly Central American Art Competition and Exhibit, Centro de Arte Carlos Merida,

Guatemala City, Guatemala. (Honorable mention).

Scope New York , International Art Fair, represented by Katherine Mulherin. USA.

Art L. A. International Art Fair , represented by Katherine Mulherin ContemporaryArt Projects, Los Angeles,


Visions of Contemporary Mexico , Galeria Manuel Garcia de Arte Contemporanea, Oaxaca, México.

The Figure Show , collective exhibit from life drawing sessions at the Coop Gallery, Omaha, USA.

Calavera Oaxaqueña , Collective art exhibit and presentation of a silkscreened portfolio by some 30

contemporary Oaxacan artists in honor of the struggle in Oaxaca , La Curtudiria, Oaxaca, Mexico.


John B. Aird Gallery Juried drawing exhibition, Toronto.

Homenaje a Posada , group show Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Bienal de LatinoAmerica , Invitado emerito al salon de dibujo LatinoAmericano, Tijuana / Honorable guest to

the Latin American drawing biennial, Tijuana, Mexico.

Juxtapose Magazine , November edition. USA coverture.

Bienal Nacional de Jóvenes Pintores , Centro Cultural de España, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Scope International Art Fair , represented by Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, London,


Dia de Los Muertos collective Prints portfolio done in solidarity with the popular movement , Oaxaca, Oaxaca.

Pieza del mes en Conmemorativa del Once de Septiembre , IAGO, Oaxaca.

Arte en contra de la Guerra , exhibición virtual, PaginaDigital.com, Argentina.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s F l o r e s

La Republica Ilustrada , Exhibición en Solidaridad con el movimiento Popular Oaxaqueño, La Curtiduría,

Oaxaca, Mexico.

Bicentenario de Juarez , exposición colectiva en el Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños, Oaxaca.

Fundarte collective Exhibition at the Korean Consulate of Toronto , Canada, which was brought to the

Canadian Consulate in Seoul, Korea in late 2006.

The V Tecumseh Collective Festival , Fort York, Toronto.

Domestic Setting , group show of works on paper, curated by Meg Linton, Otis Center Gallery, Los Angeles.

Ilusiones, Ridiculos e Imposturas de la via electoral , Mexican political cartoon exhibition, IAGO, Oaxaca.

The 13th. International Taipei print and drawing biennial , Taipei Museum,Taiwan.

Virtual exhibition of work at El Ojo de Adrian,  portal of Salvadoran Art.

Group show  at the Headbone Gallery of works on paper, Toronto.

The First Fundarte Latin American Art Biennial , Etobicoke Civic Center, Toronto.

Obsessive Detail , Annual Juried Exhibition, Edward D. Day Gallery, Toronto.

The 5th Egyptian International Print Triennial 2006 , itinerant exhibition in galleries in Cairo and Alexandria.


Art L. A. at Los Angeles , represented by Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Gallery. Santa Monica Civic

Auditorium, Santa Monica, California.


Drawing 2005 , Annual Juried Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto.

The 8th Biennale Internationale d’art miniature de Ville-Marie , Musee de la Miniature, Quebec. (Honorable


Closing Art Exhibition and Sale at the Blue Room Gallery , Misión, San Francisco. USA.

Triple X , Visual Arts Ontario traveling Exhibition, participating galleries include; The Thunder Bay Art |Gallery,

The Art Gallery of Algoma, Loop Gallery, Lennox Contemporary, Visual Arts Ontario, The Gladstone Hotel

amongst others.

Exhibition to fundraise money for the first Latin American Art Biennial presented by The Fundarte Foundation

of Toronto, Mississauga Civic Centre.

Unnatural Disasters , Exhibition of Works on paper from the Permanent collection Of the McMaster Museum

of Art, McMaster University, Hamilton. Works in the show Include pieces by Goya, Kollewitz, Gross, Durer

and other historical artists

AIR Artists in Residency Art Exhibition , Altos de Chavon Gallery, Altos de ChavonSchool of Design, La

Romana, The Dominican Republic.

The Salvador Allende Arts Festival for Peace , Idiomatica  Latin American Art Exhibition, Lennox contemporary

art gallery, Toronto

III Bienal internacional de dibujo , Josep Amat, St. Feliu des Guixols, Spain.

Masters of Graphic Arts , the 8th international invitational print and Drawing exhibition, Gyor Municipal

Museum of Art, Hungary.

Art Exhibition at the Mosaico Gallery and store , Toronto, Ontario.

John B. Aird second annual Miniature Exhibition , First Prize, Toronto.

Latin American Juried Exhibition , Mississauga Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Juried, LCCA Annual Group

Exhibition, in Conjunction with LCCA’s First Multidisciplinary Festival, organized at the Drake Hotel and

Gallery 61, Toronto.

Metamorphosis , Ontario Society of Artists, 131st. Open Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

Portrait Exhibition , Vita Brevis Gallery, Toronto.

Art Chicago in the Park at Butler Field , The represented by Katherine Mulherin Art Projects. Chicago, USA.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s

Open Studio’s Annual 100 Prints Fundraising and Exhibit , Timothy Eaton Memorial Centre Toronto.

Casa de la Cultura de Santa Ana , Narino Province, Colombia.

LatinoAmerica 2005 , Fundarte Juried group exhibition, Etobicoke Civic Center Gallery.

Under Pressure , The Print Studio, Hamilton Printmakers Art Association, Inaugural Fundraising Exhibition,

Hamilton, Ontario.

ARCO 2005 Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo , Madrid, Spain, Presented by Katherine Mulherin

Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto.

Mukwa Geezis Festival , Indigenous group show and multi discipline festival, OCAD Auditorium, Toronto.

A Drop in the Ocean , Group exhibit at ROOM Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland.

El Greco,  Islip Art Museum, Group Exhibition in honor of El Greco, Long Island.

ArtLA , Santa Monica, California, Works exhibited by Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.

Drawing 2005 , Juried Group Exhibit, John B. Aird Gallery, (second place). Toronto.


Nutmeg , Small Works exhibition by gallery artists, Katherine Mulherin Art Projects Gallery, Toronto.

The 6th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints , Tosa Washi International Committee, Kochi Ken,


Figurative exhibition , Vita Brevis Gallery and Studio, Toronto.

Group Exhibition , Upper Gallery inauguration, Toronto.

The Tokyo International Mini-PrintTriennial , TAMA University, Tokyo, Japan (invitational).

EVOLUTION , a cross border juried print exhibition and reading by Canadian author Ninno Ricci. Windsor

Printmakers Forum, Windsor, Ontario.

Annual Member’s Fundraising Exhibit and Sale , Aspace Gallery, Toronto.

Open Studio Annual Artist Proofs Sales , Open Studio Gallery, Toronto.

Canada Based Support for the Survivors of Pisagua , Third cultural celebration, Iquique, Chile.

AAF New York International Art Fair 2004 , Represented by Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects

Gallery, New York, USA.

Exhibition Commemorating the Assassination of Mexican Lawyer , Digna Ochoa, Ryerson University, Toronto.

Salvadorian Art Exhibition/Exhibicion de Arte Salvadorena , Art Exhibit at the Visitor’s Center at the Distillery

Art District, Toronto.

The VIII International Caixanova Print Biennial , Ourense, Spain.

The 5th Tecumseh Festival of Art , Fort York, Toronto.

Hamilton Print Studio , fundraising Exhibit, Hamilton, Ontario

Taiwan International Mini-Print Exhibition and Symposium 2004 , Institute of Fine Arts of the National Taiwan

Normal University, Taiwan. (Invitational).

Fantastic Visions , Limner Gallery, New York. (Publication included).

IDENTITY , Group Art Exhibit as part of the Second Salvador Allende Festival For the Arts, De Leon White

Gallery, Toronto.

Three-person show , Blue Room Gallery, Mission, San Francisco, California, USA.

The Little Prints , juried exhibition at the John. B. Aird Gallery, Toronto. (first prize).

1 Certamen Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo 2004 , Casa Los Colomos; Guadalajara, Mexico. (First

Prize, Printmaking Category).

WORSHIP , 13th Open Juried Exhibition, Ontario Artists Society, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, (first prize).

Shock and Awe , Group Exhibit on the theme of War, Spin Gallery, Toronto.

Ebb/Flow , Latin American Artist Collective, Gallery 1313, Toronto. .

Important Canadian Art , Zieher/Smith Gallery, Chelsea, New York City, USA.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s

LATINOAMERICA , Etobicoke Civic Center Gallery. Etobicoke, Ontario.

Fundraising for The FMLN Party in El Salvador , Cultural event and Art Show, Toronto Steel Workers

Convention Center, Toronto.

Monkey Sees, Monkey Does , Spin Gallery, Collective exhibition that includes artist Fiona Smyth, Ed Pien and

Attila Richard Luckas amongst others.

The 6th. Bharat Bhavan International Biennial of Print-Art , Bhopal, India, (honorable mention).

SPIN Gallery re-inauguration Exhibit , SPIN Gallery, Toronto.


El Borde Art Council , Annual Fundraising exhibition, Toronto.

Exhibition in Solidarity with FMLN campaign , United Steel Workers Center, Toronto.

Latino-Canadian Cultural Association Launch and fundraising art event, Barrabases Chilean Cultural

Association. Toronto.

Metamorphosis , Oscar De Las Flores, Maria Luisa de Villa, Ed Pien, Francisco Toledo, Galerie Cote des

Neiges, Montreal.

Wegway Magazine volume 6. launch , Edward Day Gallery, Toronto.

Works On Paper , exhibition by Resident artists, Caribbean Contemporary Arts, Trinidad and Tobago.

VII International Art Triennial , Madjanek 2004, Lublin, Poland.

Drawer , Drawing Exhibition in conjunction with Dutch Drawing Exhibition, Harbor Front Center, Toronto.

Earth Warrior , Third Tecumseh Art Exhibition and Cultural Felstival, Fort York, Toronto.

The 4TH. Bitola International Print Triennial, Macedonia.

Convocatoria Internacional de Arte , SIART, Museo de Arte de Arte Moderno de la Paz, Bolivia.

Canada Based Support for the Survivors of Pisagua , 2nd. Art Exhibition and Cultural Festival, Iquique, Chile.

Art Exhibition on the commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Salvador Allende’s Death Toronto , The Great


Porto Alegre en Foco , Museo Federal de Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

Visiones Y Apariciones/ Visions and Apparitions , Drawing exhibition by Francisco Toledo, Ed Pien, Maria

Luisa de Villa, Maria Hernandez and Oscar De las Flores, The Justina Barnicke Gallery, Hart House Circle,

University of Toronto.

The 11th. Taipei Museum International Drawing and Print Biennale, Taipei, Taiwan.

2nd Wegway Magazine, International juried show and publication, SPIN Gallery, Toronto.

The 34th Yokosuka Peace Exhibition of Art, Akiya Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan.

World Masters of Graphic Art , Gyor Museum of Art 7th International Art Biennale, Gyor, Hungary,


The Lakeshore Juried Art Competition. Toronto.

The Varna International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria, (invitational).

The 29th Bradley International Printmaking Juried Exhibition, Bradley University, Illinois, USA.

Drawing 2003 , 3th Drawing Art Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto. First Prize.

Drawing Matters , Drawing exhibition by young artists, Spin Gallery, Toronto.

Sweet and Sour , La Trinchera Art Group exhibit at gallery 1313, Toronto.

Southwest Women Working Together , annual art Exhibit and fundraising to Aid abused and disadvantaged

women and children, Chicago, USA.


Miniaturas , La Trinchera Art Collective, Acadia Gallery, Toronto.

A-Space Gallery Annual Members Exhibition. Toronto.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s

Toronto International Latin American Festival, Alucine, Toronto.

Annual Artist’s Print Sale, Open Studio, Toronto.

Art System, Closure Exhibition, Art System Gallery, Toronto.

Fundraising Exhibition, Centro para Gente de Habla Hispana, Toronto.

Annual Amnesty International Art Exhibition at University of Toronto, Toronto.

Whodunit , OCAD fundraising exhibition, Toronto.

Spirit of the Place , Tecumseh Collective, Fort York, Toronto.

12th Seoul International Printmaking Biennale, Seoul, Korea.

Manifestations , Drawing Show, Jean Pierre Ouellete Gallery. Montreal.

The Brewster Project, second year, Brewster, New York, USA.

Dissimilarities , Two man show at the Community Gallery, Harbourfront Center, Toronto.

The Second International Ploiesti Cartoon Festival, Romania.

The City Gallery, Annual Exhibition, Tarnow, Poland.

Jose Guadalupe Posada Celebratory Ex-Libris, Posada Museum, Aguascalientes Mexico. (winner of

Publication prize).

Inside/ Outside , Tecumseh Collective, The Station Gallery, Whitby Ontario.

100 Prints 2002 , Open Studio, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, Toronto.

Works in confinement at the Cuba Gallery, Toronto

Withering Earth , Miniature show at the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Native Visual Arts Association annual fundraising show, Royal Bank Head Office, Toronto.

The Whisperings of Hope , House of Friends Society, Oscar Romero Anniversary.

Visionweaver , La Trinchera at L’arte gallery, Toronto.

Expressions of oppression , Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Toronto.

The War Show, and Infinite Justice for All , Art System Gallery, Toronto.

Fronteras , Latino-Canadian Art Exhibition, Acadia Gallery, Toronto.


10th International Print and Drawing Biennale , Taipei Museum of Modern Art, Taiwan.

Open Studio Annual Proof Sale, Open Studio, Toronto.

Pearlessence, Members fundraiser Show, A-Space Gallery, Toronto.

Enigma , Pos-Art Gallery, Old Montreal, Quebec.

La Joven Estampa , Casa de Las Americas National Gallery, Habana, Cuba. Show to tour Mexico. It was

exhibited at the Museo de la Estampa.

A-Level First Anniversary Show, Toronto.

Native Art Exhibition, Toronto Annual pow-wow, Sky dome, Toronto.

Work Purchased to become part of the Permanent Collection of Guelph University’s Art Department.

Group Show for AIDS in South Africa, NEW Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.

Cracow Triennale CD Rom, Worldwide distribution.

International Art Exhibit to Fundraise money for the Capilla del Hombre in Quito, Ecuador, Royal Ontario

Museum, Toronto.

Artist International Direct Support, Printmaking Portfolio and Touring Exhibition To fundraise money for

children born with AIDS in South Africa. The Show toured multiple countries in Africa, Europe and North

America. The Portfolios were included in one hundred international collection, including Nelson Mandela’s.

Agnes Etherington art Center Fundraising Exhibit, Queen’s University, Kingston.

13th.San Juan Print Biennale for Latin America and the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. (Purchase Award)

Exhibit to Aid Abused Women, Swedish Museum of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s

Th’Ink , Lithography Show, Art System Gallery, OCAD Collective, Toronto.

Group Show at the Columbus Center to fundraise money for the Capilla del Hombre, Quito, Ecuador, to tour

various European Countries.

Tecumseh Collective , Fort York, Toronto.

Group Show at L’Arte Gallery, Toronto.

Yonni, Lingam , Group Show at A_Level Gallery, Toronto.

Fundraising for El Salvador Earthquakes relief efforts, Toronto.

OCAD annual figurative Show, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto.

The City Gallery, Tarnow Celebratory exhibition, Tarnow, Poland. (Honorable Mention).

100 Prints Annual Exhibition, Open Studio. Timothy Eaton Memorial Center.

Alternative Space , International Artists Show at Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Emerging Artists , International Group Show at Limner Gallery, New York, USA. (Second Prize Award).


Exhibition at A-Space Gallery Display Case.

Exhibition at the Ukrainian-Canadian Cultural Institution of Toronto.

Exhibition at the Camajuani Art Museum, Santa Clara Province, Cuba.

Agnes Ethering to art Center, Kingston, annual fundraising show.

Poetry and art exhibit at the Black Rooster gallery Toronto.

Group Show at the House of Friend’s Society Convention Center Toronto.

The Cracow International Print Triennial. Cracow- Nuremberg Triennial 100 cities touring exhibition. Exquisite

Series  Five works were exhibited in Poland and Germany for two years.

Exhibition, Praxis Art Gallery, Toronto.

The 39th Toronto Outdoors Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto.

The 8th George van Raemdnock International Cartoon Biennale. Boechout, Belgium, touring exhibition.

100 Prints Exhibition, Open Studio, Timothy Eaton Memorial Center, Toronto.

International Print Exhibition on the theme of “Time” in conjunction with the Grenchen print Triennale,

Grechen Museum of Art, Switzerland.

Exhibition and Fundraising for abused women, Southshore Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA.


The Last Supper , Group Show at the SOF House Art and Photography Center, Toronto.

Cornucopia , The 5th Street Gallery, Toronto.

Matrix , The Best of Contemporary Canadian Printmaking, Open Studio Gallery, Toronto.

The 9th International Print and Drawing Biennial, Taipei Museum of Modern Art, Taiwan.

Annual Art Exhibition, Humber College Gallery, Toronto. (Honorable Mention

re.PRODUCTION, documentation as Art, GroupShow at The Rivoli, Toronto.

Annual Art Exhibition of the Peel Regional Gallery, Brampton, Ontario.

The 4th Kochi International Print Triennial, Nagasaki Museum of Art, Kochi Ken Japan.


INDIGENA, Amerindian artists Exhibit at the Toronto Ba’hai Society.

Exhibition in Solidarity with Native Art Claims, Toronto.


Latin American Collective Art Exhibition at the Ontario College of Art and Design Toronto.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s


Exhibition in Commemoration of the Montreal Massacre, Ontario College of Art And Design, Toronto.

Subverted Paradises , Axolotl Art Collective, A-Space Gallery, Toronto.

Group Show of Young Artist at the Toronto Metro Hall, Toronto.

Group Show at Arts-in-Action Gallery, Toronto.

Youth in Art , Collective Exhibit at Mississauga City Hall. Toronto.

Multicultural Group Show at the Scarborough Civic Centre, Toronto.

National Printmaking Exhibition, Galeria de Arte Contemporaneo, Guadalajara, Mexico.


Tapiz , Latin American Art Collective exhibition, Ontario College of Art and Design.

CCIE Art Exhibition, Cultural Celebration of the Spanish Language, Ryerson Polytechnic University Art



Art Exhibition held at the Medical School Building of The University of Toronto.


CCIE Art Exhibition, Cultural Celebration of the Spanish Language, Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto.

Collective Latin American Exhibition, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto.

C.W. Jeffery’s 22nd Art Exhibition, Toronto Board of Education, Toronto.

Collective Exhibition at Mississauga Cultural Center, “Carassauga Festival” Toronto.

Latin American Art Exhibition at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute. Toronto.

Latin American Art Exhibition, University of Toronto, Toronto.

R e s i d e n c i a s   a r t i s t i c a s   y   p r e m i o s / Residencies and Awards


The Canada Council production grant, Halitus Project.


Grant to travel to San Francisco to speak at the Paul Mahder Gallery on the theme of show Trail of Hope and



Ontario Arts Council Production Grant.


Premio Unico, Cuarta Bienal de Dibujo Internacional Sylvia Pawa, Mexico


The Canada Council Production Grant.


The Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s


Emeritus guest at the Bienal de Latinoamerica, Tijuana, Mexico.

The 8rh. Ville Marie Miniature Art Biennial, Salle Augustin Chennier, Quebec, (honorable Mention).


The Bemis Centre for the Arts Fellowship for late 2006, Omaha, Nebraska.

The Toronto Arts Council Production Grant.

Valparaiso Foundation, Residency at Valparaiso Foundation Centre, Playa de Mojacar, Almeria, Spain. 2006


The Millay Colony for the Arts artist in residency program.

The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Summer program, fresco study fellowship, Skowhegan,

New York.

Ontario Arts Council Production Grant, (painting project).


The Altos de Chavon School of Art and Design Artist in Residency Program, Dominican Republic. From

September to December of 2005.

The McDowell Colony for the Arts, residency fellowship for April and May of 2005, Peterborough New

Hampshire, USA.

The Corporation of Yaddo, fellowship. Saratoga Springs, USA.

The Toronto Arts Council, Production Grant.

The Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant

Certamen Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo de Guadalajara; (First Prize, Printmaking Category).

Ontario Society of Artists 130th Open Juried Exhibition, Worship , First Price.

Ontario Council for the Arts, Arts Collective Grant for being part of Ebb/Flow  Exhibition.

Blue Mountain Center Artists Residency fellowship, Blue Montain Lake, New York, USA

6th Bharat Bhavan International Biennial of Print Art, Bhopal India, (honorable mention).


The Vermont Studio Center Residence 2004, partial fellowship.

4th Annual Juried Drawing Exhibition at the John B. Aird Gallery, (First Prize).

First biannual International Competition for Publication Award, Direct Art Magazine Volume 8. 3rd. prize.


Fundacio Joan I Pilar Miro a Mallorca, Experimental Print Course. Majorca, Spain.

The Ontario Arts Council Exhibition assistance Grant.

The Ontario Arts Council Exhibition assistance Grant.

The Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant.

The Canada Council for the Arts International Residency Award, CCA7 Trinidad and Tobago.


The Canada Council for the Arts production Grant.

Purchase Award, San Juan Printmaking Biennale, Puerto Rico.


Slowart Art Gallery Annual Competition Award and publication in Direct Art Magazine.

Toronto Arts Council Artistic Production Grant.

O s c a r   C a m i l o   d e   l a s   F l o r e s

A-Space Gallery, emerging artist grant from the Community Foundation of Toronto.

Nick Novak Scholarship at Open Studio, Toronto.


Ontario Arts Council Production Award, Emerging Level.

Honorable Mention at the Annual Juried Lakeshore Art Show.


Don Philips Award at Open Studio, Toronto.

Both Drawing and Painting and Printmaking Award, Ontario College of Art and Design.


Guest Artist at the Kingait Innuit Co-op, Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada.

Purchase award, international drawing juried exhibition from the Kyoto Art Academy, Kyoto, Japan.


Drawing and Painting Award, Ontario College of Art and Design.

Lithography Award, Ontario College of Art and Design.


Drawing and Painting Award, Ontario College of Art and Design.


Best art student award, C. W. Jeffery’s Collegiate Institute.


Artist of the Year award, Elia Junior High School.

C o l e c c i o n e s   s e l e c c i o n a d a s / Selected Collections

Former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz, Cuban popular singer,

Silvio Rodriguez, Muralist Alfredo Zalce, the Mugrabi collection in New York, The IAGO Museum of Oaxaca

Museum of Modern Art, The Madjanek provincial Museum in Lublin, Poland and Professor Rafael Zepeda in

Mexico, Canadian artist Ed Pien, The Puerto Rican Institute of Culture, The Blue Mountain Center in New

York State, The University of Art and Design in Taipei, The Tama University in Kyoto, The Museum of Modern

Art in San Jose de Costa Rica, The MUSA Museo Sonorense de Arte, the Museum Boijman van Beunigen in

Rotterdam, The Cultural House in Santa Ana, Colombia, Guelph University.