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exhibición colectiva 11 abril 2017
Collective Exhibition Galería Nudo 11 de April 2017 Recreo 10B, Centro de San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato   Artist: Alejandro Santiago Rogelio Manzo Phil Kelly Casa IAGO / Francisco Toledo Sabino Guisu Gabriel Macotela Demián Flores Lucio Santiago Jorge Pinzon Oscar de las Flores Cristian Pineda
Romeo Tabuena. From Filipino cubism to abstraccionism   Romeo Tabuena (August 22, 1921—October 15, 2015) was part of a generation of Filipino painters of the diaspora. This was because of the hard road of independence from the United States—after the colonial period under the Spanish—in the 1940s, first, and then during the Second World War because of the invasion and control of Japan, which stopped the process until 1946, and finally, because of the dictatorial regimes established, for example, by Marcos and Aquino at the end of the Twentieth Century. Tabuena decided to settle in Mexico and in particular in…