November 2,  2012

The next two of November of two thousand and twelve, the most recent exhibition of master Alejandro Santiago, “Guilts in Lacerating Gates”, is to be inaugurated at the Nudo Gallery (Recreo 10-B) in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. The exhibition will be held until December 15.

Alejandro Santiago Ramírez has created an exhibition that reflects on life, death, being and rebirth. Under the name of “Guilt in Lacerating Gates” visit those nerve terminals to which, occasionally, life leads us.

Addiction, as the central theme in this journey, is crumbled into a less dark and desolate DNA than we have posed as a society. We are a whole and that whole is faced with the guilty and pitiful part of the illness that also inhabits us. “We are addicted for different reasons; because we see the other who is happy when he drinks or takes some substance and we want to be like that; because it runs in our blood, in the blood of our parents and grandparents … “says Alejandro from the poplar, where he is creating the exhibition.

The poplar is a tree that grows where rivers flow, its leaves on one side are velvety, on the other smooth. “I like to see the visual effect of its leaves. That duality. “Alejandro Santiago has dared to question what he has ignored in the last years of his life: Who am I?. “I greeted Alejandro Santiago when I made 2501 Migrants, I also greeted him when I made 20 Murals and a Desperate Woman, but I have not seen him.” “It’s important to visit yourself: What did I do 30 years ago? 15 years ago? 2 years ago … ”


This process of introspection and analysis led to the creation of more than 108 pieces, which will go through a selection and curatorial work: “I made boxes, drawings on paper, all in Chinese ink “. Pieces that like the poplar, offer nuances of a same tone. Two sculptures will be exhibited, a monumental named DNA that was created after the silent compilation of cigarette butts and packs of cigars in the Alamo and Abuelitas piece formed with stones, under the same name, that after being heated they are poured in water in the traditional temazcales. Its vapor is considered purifier of the spirit and the body. Alejandro Santiago was born in a temazcal and this piece comes to represent his own birth. “A few days ago I visited the sensation of being born,” he says.


As a tribute to the life “Guilty in Lacerating Gates” will be inaugurated the day of the dead in Galería Nudo, in San Miguel de Allende. “The day of the dead is very symbolic; is the beginning of life. It is something similar that I intend to reflect in this exhibition, not so much dying, but leaving a past that, by making it substantially present, allows us to take one more step, one more day of life … “

  • 2 noviembre, 2012