February 2012

“Art can regain the strength to uniform society, foment reflection and empathy”

Jaime Moreno Villarreal

For several years, the works of Alejandro Santiago investigate the link between the physical aspect of consciousness, with that which unites us as human beings; exploring the ethical condition of art and the most elemental questions about materials and human nature.

With the installation “2501 Migrantes”, presented in different parts of the country in recent years, Alejandro Santiago populated a huge terrain with individual body sculptures. His work has given new functions to the public space since it not only executes the metaphor of those who have had to leave their homes looking for work, but has gathered an army of sculptures that shouts to make possible to change the tendency of the world and to change the look to the reflection on the emotions that are in the beginning of all experience.

“Alcances” will house part of “2501 Migrants” with bronze pieces, as well as “1000 migrant families” with pieces of bronze and ceramics. Also will be exhibited paintings in great, medium and small format of Alexander Santiago. More than 60 sculptures will be assembled in total.

Néstor Quiñones, on the other hand, belongs to the plastic representatives of the artistic phenomenon of the eighties called “neomexicanismo” that distinguishes, mainly, to have been a movement that questioned the Mexican standards of religion, politics and society. His pieces are spectacular montages that allow a game of lights and shadows.

Alcides Fortes has been concerned with nourishing and encouraging creation in contemporary Latin American jewelry in recent years. Currently participating in the collective exhibition “Think Twice Contemporary Latin American Jewelery”, which was exhibited in New York at the MAD (Musem of Art and Design) in late 2010 and currently at the BAM (Bellevue Art Museum) in Seattle .

Concerned to set up a lasting exhibition, Nudo Gallery, the Hotel Casa de Sierra Nevada and, its official sponsor, San Miguel Sotheby’s International Realty present a series that invite to the astonishment, the reflection and the disillusion.