Mural | Romeo Tabuena
Tradiciones Filipinas
Acrílico sobre tela / acrylic on canvas
187 x 480 cm. / 73.6 x 189 in.
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Juguetes Mexicanos
Acrílico sobre Cartoncillo / Acrylic on Cardboard
50 x 68 cm. / 19.6 x 26.7 in. / 1959
Romeo Tabuena Juguetes mexicanos 1959
Pastor y Carabaos
Acrílico sobre Cartón / Acrylic on Cardboard
41.5 x 58 cm. / 16.3 x 22.8 in. / 1960
Romeo Tabuena Pastor y carabaos 1960
Pintura al barniz sobre papel / Varnish paint on paper
50.2 x 66 cm. / 19.7 X 26 in. / 1956
Romeo Tabuena Mujeres Platicando 1956
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Romeo V. Tabuena

"Tradiciones Filipinas"

Acrílico sobre tela /  acrylic on canvas/ 187 x 480 cm. / 73.6 x 189 in.

showroom romeo tabuena

Galería NUDO, Romeo V. Tabuena Showroom. Calle Recreo, 36. A space dedicated to the philippine artist that lived in San Miguel de Allende since 1955 till his death, in 2015. His master work was influenced by the neo cubist and neorealist currents in the Philippines as well as by the great Mexican muralists.

Work In Process

What do I paint when I depict a house, an animal, a market stand, a man with a guitar, a fruit vendor, a woman with a child? I paint the earth. I paint mankind. I paint life itself. I paint nature. As an artist, I strive to paint universal things in a personal way. I uphold the kind of art that knows no boundary. No frontier. Just a record of a timeless universe unfolding from the painter's soul.


Romeo V. Tabuena


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romeo tabuena

Recreo #36, Centro

San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Méx, 37700

+52 (415) 152 4488